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Submitting Local Music to The 330:


Send a CD copy of your record to:

The Summit 

Attn: The 330
309 Woolf Ave.
Akron OH 44312

Do not email mp3s. Music submissions will not be returned. Sending music to The Summit does not guarantee that it will be aired. 

Include contact information, the town you are from and a brief bio (a simple one-sheet is with some basic info is best – we don’t need anything fancy). 

Please suggest 2 to 3 tracks that you would most like us to hear. Choose tracks that are FCC-friendly (no bad words) and that you think best represent your sound. 

Due to the large volume of submissions, we cannot provide feedback for every CD. What we look for:

  • Good songwriting.

  • Production quality that is on par with the national acts you hear on The Summit.

  • Songs that are appropriate for our format. Llisten to the station – would your songs make sense in the mix, or would they sound completely out of left field compared to the other music we play?

  • Bands/artists that are fairly active in terms of touring and recording. We don’t necessarily expect local bands to be doing national tours, but we do like to know that you are playing out where people can see you and making records that our listeners can find.

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